Long overdue update- things are going very well!

Long overdue update- things are going very well!

Apologies for the lack of updates- this is a definite case of “no news is good news”!

Mom is still undergoing weekly chemo treatment and continues to respond incredibly well. Recent scans show the tumor in her left kidney is reduced considerably and the kidney itself is almost back to normal functioning! The metastasized tumors in liver, lungs and bones are minimized if not completely gone and her lymph nodes are back to normal size.

Until recently she had not experienced much ill-effects from the chemo. She did see some hair loss so shaved her head and she looks great! She recently reported more fatigue starting several days after her most recently treatments, but it is consistent in its timing so she is able to plan accordingly.

Mom has renewed her life and activities with vigor. She began teaching again at the Boulder Shambhala Center, is active in the Resident Council at home, does yoga weekly as well as several trips a week to the Trident for triple-lattes and lively conversation with her crew there.

Some additional exciting news- we were able to use some funds from contributions (made here and elsewhere) to help with the purchase of a mobility scooter! This gives range to mom’s activities and the ability to explore further afield, and hopefully get to the farmer’s market early enough that she can get some of the Paonia peaches before they sell out!

We are so happy with her ongoing health and well being and still beyond thankful for all the support she received from her friends and communities. Love from mom (and us) to you!